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Ivy Flower Mothers Home


ivy flower mother’s home

The „Ivy Flower” Foundation was set up in April 1997. Its goal to help the young mothers with little children who haven’t family support. The foundation keeps up a welfare institute: the „Ivy Flower” Mother’s Home, which opened its gates at 1st of March 1998.

The „ Ivy Flower” Mother’s Home works as temporary home for families but only for children and their mothers from the area of whole country. We can accommodate 24 persons in 11 living rooms at the same time.

The building, where the welfare institute works, is the property of the Kaposvár County Title Town, but we can use it without paying fee.

The families can request admission at the leader of the institute personally, by phone or by mail. The reason for admission can be financial problems (living difficulties, wrong flat conditions, dismissal from undertenancy), conflicts, aggression in family, secret pregnancy and so on. Generally more problems arise in families at the same time.

The temporary institute accommodates one-parent families for an average of twelve months. Child-care includes full board (meals, schooling expenses, clothing expenses and additional costs for free-time activities) for all children. Adults are boarded as required. The home provides permanent personal assistance for the families in order to help them start their out-of-institute life as soon as possible.



The operating expenses are mostly covered by government resources. There are additional resources such as dwellers’ fees, application supports, local self government’s supports. Also, we receive aids other than money from private persons and other supporting individuals and organizations. Our institute manages an average of 30 million Forints per year.

Starting from year 2005 our institute participates in an experimental model program that is supported by the Special Department. This program involves the accommodation of single women who have fallen victims to violence in their families as well as mothers with children. We also offer so-called „crisis accommodation” that means supporting activity different from the one we apply with the families boarded in the temporary home. Women and children who come to us because of being victims to severe violence may stay here for a couple of weeks (4-8 weeks) and get free full board. The aim of crisis accommodation is to help the victims handle their affliction, and, furthermore, to give them the right psychological, mental, legal, financial and personal assistance for a long-lasting and safe living. The crisis accommodation makes an integral part of the program of our home. Therefore, these victims are not only provided professional assistance but also supported by the mothers’ home dwellers





Mr. Zsugovics Miklós                  Head of Ivy Flower Foundation

Mrs. Mózes Ernőné                 Head of Ivy Flower Mothers’ Home


The crisis accommodation requires comprehensive inter-profession cooperation.



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(Ellen Wimmer, 2015.01.09 15:23)

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
I've read about your project in the database of the European Voluntary Service and I'm very interested in taking part in it.
Do you have any free vacancies between July 2015 – February 2016 (ca. 6-8 months)?
If yes, I’ll send you my application containing CV and motivation letter.
Are there some other documents necessary for the application?
I hope to hear from you soon.
Kind regards
Ellen Wimmer, Ursheim (Germany